About Le' Vian Dae

Whereas Venus Axe is the performer-filmmaker, Le' Vian Dae is the writer-poet. Le' Vian Dae is an author of dark fantasy, erotica, and horror, culminating in her debut novel, "Just a Little Broken," a feature-length screenplay is underway. An avid reader and writer since youth, she would write horror stories and scripts, then semi-force her elementary school classmates to act them out with her. A Film and Media Arts graduate from American University, she has numerous works in development, from a horror short film "Fine Wine & Spirits" to her first poetry collection entitled: Yearning to Devastation; Rejected: A Daydreamer's Confessional.


Welcome to the Struggle, Masturbator versus the Daydream, Simple Bitch in Vain, Thoughts, Born Star of the Current Generation (A Lovely Darkness, Poetry With Heart, Jaded Books Publishing, September 2016) (Out of Print)

Just a Little Broken

The story of Morrigan Bloodchild, a punk rocker whose trials and tribulations are getting out of hand with this comes loss of faith, until one interesting night, she receives a visit from a mysterious stranger. Even stranger is after she awakens from being rendered unconscious, she has a massive sleeve tattoo of an iridescent snake and ancient scripts on her left arm with a mind of its own. What follows next, you'll have to read and find out!


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